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SDS-WAS and ICAP ensemble forecasts

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Compared dust forecasts
Multi-model products

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Dust optical depth MEAN:

Dust optical depth Standard Deviation:

The International Cooperative for Aerosol Prediction (ICAP) is an international forum for aerosol forecast centers, remote sensing data providers, and lead systems developers to share best practices and discuss pressing issues facing the operational aerosol community. Both SDS-WAS and ICAP have their own dust multi-model ensembles, for a regional domain in the first case and for the entire Earth in the last.

The SDS-WAS multi-model products are computed from the following models: BSC-DREAM8b, CAMS, DREAM8-NMME-MACC, NMMB/BSC-Dust, MetUM, NASA GEOS-5, NCEP NGAC, EMA RegCM4, DREAMABOL, NOA WRF-CHEM, SILAM and LOTOS-EUROS.

The ICAP Multi Model Ensemble (Sessions et al., 2014) is built from the following systems: ECMWF CAMS, JMA MASINGAR, NASA GSFC/GMAO, FNMOC/NRL NAAPS, NOAA NGAC, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre NMMB/BSC-CTM and Met Office Unified Model.

This page shows side-by-side the mean and the standard deviation of dust optical depth at 550 nm yield by both multi-model systems for their common domain.

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