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Dust Events

by Francesco Benincasa last modified Feb 19, 2017 08:44 AM

This is a compilation of different dust events.

3-5 Aug 2016. Overview of the sandstorm affecting KSA, UAE and Oman.


26-28 Jun 2016. Cyclonic circulation in Algeria shapes the dust cloud that had been released by convective downdrafts in Northern Mali.


1 Feb 2015. Analysis of Dust Event over Eastern Mediterranean on 1 February 2015

28 Jul - 2 Aug 2013. Dust traveled from Western Africa to the Lesser Antilles

17-18 May 2011. Dust event over the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East

5-7 April 2011.  Dust event over the Iberian Peninsula and eastern mid-latitude Atlantic

4-7 April 2011. A cloud of dust (pink) is lifted over the Algerian Sahara under the cloud deck of a low-pressure system centred over Morocco. The dust drifts across the Atlas ranges and the south-western corner of the Iberian peninsula, toward the Eastern Atlantic. From there, the dust is collected by anticyclonic winds, stretching it into an elongated band near the south-west coast of Ireland. Meteosat-9 Dust RGB 04/04/11 06:00 - 07/04/11 06:00 UTC. Courtesy of EUMETSAT


25-27 March 2011. Meteosat-9 observes a large dust storm racing southwards over the Arabian Peninsula. Note the persistent dark magenta hue of the leading dust front, indicating exceptional dust density. Further, note how the dust cloud travels significantly faster during the night as it encounters a strong temperature inversion near the ground. When the dust cloud finally approaches the Red and Arabian Sea coastlines it quickly disperses, gaining a typically lighter hue.  Meteosat-9 Dust RGB 25/03/11 00:00 - 27/03/11 12:00 UTC.  Courtesy of EUMETSAT


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