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Technical Reports

by Enric Terradellas last modified Oct 26, 2018 12:56 AM

Eddenjal, A. S. (2015): Dust / Sand storms over Libya: Spatial distribution, frequency and seasonality, WMO SDS-WAS, Barcelona, 19 pp., SDS-WAS-2015-001

Tegen, I. (2016): Interannual Variability and Decadal Trends in Mineral Dust Aerosol, WMO SDS-WAS, Barcelona, 11 pp., SDS-WAS-2016-001

Basart, S. (2017): Forecast Evaluation: AERONET vs. SDS-WAS multimodel forecast, WMO SDS-WAS, Barcelona, 7 pp., SDS-WAS-2017-001

García-Castrillo, G. and E. Terradellas (2017): Evaluation of the dust Forecasts in the Canary Islands, WMO SDS-WAS, Barcelona, 21 pp. SDS-WAS-2017-002

Terradellas, E., Werner, E., Basart, S. and F. Benincasa (2018): Warning Advisory System for Sand and Dust Storm in Burkina Faso, WMO SDS-WAS, Barcelona, 9 pp. SDS-WAS-2018-001



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