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Presentations of the participants

by Enric Terradellas last modified Dec 01, 2011 03:23 PM
The participants were required to prepare a short presentation to be delivered during the training course. This is the a compilation of them.

Sara Abdelmajed (Sudan): Republic of the Sudan

Ayman AlBar (Saudi Arabia): On the Dust Storms over KSA

Abdullatif Alhadaa (Yemen): Dust / Sand Storms Affecting Yemen

Abdullatif Alhadaa (Yemen) Movies: 8 July 2008 15-22 Jun 2011 24-28 March 2011

Ahmed Awd (Egypt): Dust and Sand Storms over Egypt

Ziyad Balasmeh (Jordan): Dust over Jordan

Feyissa Beyene (Ethiopia): Ethiopia

Sahar Chouikh (Tunisia): Sand and Dust Storm in Tunisia

Hanane Daki )Morocco): Wind Sand in South of Morocco

Mariane Diop Kane (Senegal): Forecasting Dust in Sahelian Countries

Raquel Gonçalves (Cape Verde): Saharan Dust Events

Mohamed Mimouni (Algeria): Events of Wind Sand and Haze in Algerian Sahara

Mamadou Savadogo (Burkina Faso): Dust Forecast over Part of West Africa

Ayse Yildirim Cosgun (Turkey): Air Quality Assessment in Turkey

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