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Presentations of the lecturers

by Enric Terradellas last modified Jan 09, 2014 09:54 AM
This is a compilation of the presentations of the course lecturers

Khalid Khamis Al Jahwari (DGMAN) - Case Studies of two significant dust storms that affected Oman

Sultan Al Yahyai (DGMAN) - Trajectory Calculation as Supporting Tool for Dust Storm Forecasting

Sultan Al Yahyai (DGMAN) - Dust Storm over Arabian Peninsula 16-24 March 2012

José M. Baldasano (BSC-CNS) - Dust Prediction Models

Francesco Benincasa (BSC-CNS) - Dust Forecast Models. Practical Session

Emilio Cuevas (AEMET) - Ground Observation of Mineral Dust

Emilio Cuevas (AEMET) - Ground Observation of Mineral Dust. Practical Work

José Prieto (EUMETSAT) - Dust estimation using the IR window

José Prieto (EUMETSAT) - Practical session: Dust exercise

José Prieto (EUMETSAT) - Retrieval of aerosol optical properties for cloudy scenes from METOP (material from Gregorski et al.)

Zeinab Salah Mahmood (EMA) - Dust and Air Quality Models in EMA

Hans Peter Roesli (EUMETSAT) - Exemplary dust cases

Kerstin Schepanski (TROPOS) - Dust - Climate Interactions

Kerstin Schepanski (TROPOS) - Dust Variability

Enric Terradellas (AEMET) - Sand and Dust Storm - Warning Advisory and Assessment System (WMO SDS-WAS)

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