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Presentations of the lecturers

by Enric Terradellas last modified Dec 01, 2014 09:40 AM
This is a compilation of the presentations of the course lecturers

Abdulhamid Ali ALAREESI (Dubai Air Navigation Services) - Dust Forecast for United Arab Emirates

Hèou Maléki BADJANA (West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use) - Situation on Atmospheric Dust in Togo: Causes, Impacts and Observations and Forecast Tools

Alexander BAKLANOV (WMO) - WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning advisory and Assessment System

Sara BASART (BSC) - Dust Prediction Models

Francesco BENINCASA (BSC-CNS) - Dust Forecast Models: Practical Session

Bahri SADAOUI (OMN Algeria) - Eutde Spatiotemporelle des Événements de Sable sur la Région Sud-East: Méthodes de Suivi et Prévision

Jochen KERKMANN (EUMETSAT) - Dust and Smoke Detection with MSG SEVIRI RGB Products

José PRIETO (EUMETSAT) - Dust estimation via the triple window IR (8.7µm, 10.8µm, 12.0µm)

Sergio RODRIGUEZ (AEMET) - Ground Observations of Mineral Dust (1/2)

Sergio RODRIGUEZ (AEMET) - Ground Observations of Mineral Dust (2/2)

Tahar SAOURI (DMN Morocco)

George STAFFORD (Dept. of Water Resources, The Gambia) - The Gambia's Presentation

Enric TERRADELLAS (AEMET) - The Dust Cycle and Impacts

Ashraf ZAKEY (EMA) - Dust Prediction Activities at the Egyptian Meteorological Authority

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