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Presentations of the lecturers

by Francesco Benincasa last modified Nov 22, 2016 09:45 AM

Ana Vukovic (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Serbia) - Study of a Haboob in Iran

Ayşe Gökçen IŞIK (Turkish State Meteorological Service) - Sand and Dust Forecasts & Trends over NA-ME Region

Enric Terradellas (Spanish State Meteorological Service) - The dust cycle

Enza Di Tomaso (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) - Data assimilation in dust models part1 - part2

Farizeh Bayat (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran) - Monitoring Dust Storms Over the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea Using CALIPSO Recordings

Francesco Benincasa (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) - SDS-WAS products

Hamid Khalesifard (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran) - Optical Remote Sensing of Dust Over the Iran Plateau

Hossein Panahifar (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran) - Characterizing Atmospheric Particulate matter in Tehran by Use of Lidar, Atmospheric Models and Satellite Data

Jose Prieto (EUMETSAT) - Satellite observation of dust

Mohammad Sabzehzari (I.R. of Iran Meteorological Organization - IRIMO) - Local Dust Storm in Khuzestan province

Navid Hajibababei (Isfahan Meteorological Office) - An Overview of Dust storms in Isfahan province

Sara Basart (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) - Dust prediction part1 - part2

Saviz Sehat (Atmospheric Science and Meteorological Research Center - ASMERC) - Dust classification and AOT estimation

Sergio Rodriguez (Spanish State Meteorological Service - AEMET) - Ground based observations Health effects

Taleb Haydari - Mesopotamian dust storms sources

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