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  • 2 Nov 2015

Alexander Baklanov - WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System
Enric Terradellas - The Dust Cycle
Sergio Rodriguez - Ground observation of airborne dust
Jose Prieto - Dust assessment and evolution via meteorological satellites
Jose Prieto - EUMETCast: Meteorological data distribution via satellite
Sara Basart - Dust Prediction Models
Francesco Benincasa - Dust Forecast Services

  • 3 Nov 2015

Mazen Malkawi - Health Impact of Outdoor Air Pollution in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Marie Eve Heroux - WHO Air Quality Guidelines
Michal Krzyzanowski - Particulate Matter and Health: Update on WHO's View on its impact on health with focus on mineral dust
Abdul Majeid Haddad - The environmental dimension of sand and dust storms - National and regional approaches for interventions
Sergio Rodriguez - Dust impact in urban areas: An overview
Carlos Perez - Dust and Meningitis in Africa
Delia Gutierrez - HEALTHMET, a project on climate and health in West Africa
Tareq Hussein - The need for an aerosol database to be utilized for health effects assessment in Jordan
James J. Schauer - Source contributions of dust to atmospheric PM in the Middle East
Mazen Malkawi - Interventions to minimize exposure to airborne dust. Health impacts
Aaron J. Cohen - Global and regional estimates of the burden due to ambient air pollution: Results from GBD2013
Michael Brauer - Review of evidence on dust and health // Exposure assessment in the GBD2013

  • Country Presentations

Alfred Dango (Burkina Faso) - Problèmes de Santé qui Peuvent Être Associés à la Présence de Poussière dans l'Air
Osama El-Tawil (Egypt) - Air Quality Monitoring in Egypt
Jabur Darakhah (Jordan) - Jordan Air quality Monitoring Network in 3 Cities
Mohamed F. Yassin (Kuwait) - Assessment of Dust Storm Sources in Kuwait
Marwan Al-Dimashki (Kuwait) - eMISK: A Web-based GIS Application for the Management and Dissemination of Air Quality Data
Sidi Bobba (Mauritania) - 1st Africa / Middle East Expert Meeting and Workshop on the Health Impact of Airborne Dust
Mohammad A. Alolayan (Kuwait) - Investigating the Major Sources of PM2.5 in Kuwait
Rachid Abboubi (Morocco) - Air Quality Monitoring in Morocco. Focus on PM10 and its Impact to Health
Rachid Wahabi (Morocco) - Correlation Studies between Air Pollution and Health in Morocco
Hilmi S. Salem (Palestine) - Health Aspects of Air Quality in Palestine (Occupied)
Nasser Hamdan (UAE) - Particulate Metter Research in the UAE
Nadhif Mabrouk (Tunisia) - Tunisia Experience in the Field of Air Quality

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