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Enric Terradellas (AEMET) - WMO Sand and Dust Storm - Warning Advisory and Assessment System

Tareq Hussein (Univ. Jordan) - SDS-WAS Regional Cooperation in the Middle East

Abdullah Ceylan (TSMS) - Drought evaluation over the Middle East

Ali Al-Dousari (KISR) - Climate-Dust interaction in the Middle East

Zekai Sen (Istanbul Medipol Univ.) - Standard Aerosol Optical Depth Index (SAODI) and application in the Middle East

Ali Darvishi (Univ. Tehran) - Methodology framework for SDS sources identification

Orkan Ozcan (ITU) - Monitoring the changes in the Mesopotamian marshlands during drought periods

Halil Gunek - Change of Water Masses - Dust Storms Interaction in Syria and Iraq

Murat Turkes (Bogazici Univ.) - Climatology and Spatiotemporal Variations of Synoptic Meteorological Dust/Sand Events Observed over the Middle East and Surrounding Regions during 2003-2016 Period

Sergio Rodriguez (AEMET) - Ground Observation of Dust

Jose Prieto (EUMETSAT) - Satellite Observation of Dust

Carlos Perez (BSC) - Dust Modeling: Challenges and Perspectives

Sara Basart (BSC) - High Resolution SDS Forecast Requirements for the Middle East

Gerardo Garcia-Castrillo (AEMET) - SDS-WAS: Ensemble Prediction of Airborne Dust

Cihan Dundar (TSMS) - Analysis of Sand and Dust Storms (SDS)

Richard Engelen (ECMWF) - Analysis of DOD and Dust Emissions over Middle East by Using CAMS

Stanislav Kutzov (Russian Ac. of Sci.) - Dust Variability in the Middle East Recorded in the Elbrus Mt. Ice Core

Rosa M. Flores (Marmara Univ.) - Contribution of desert dust transport to daily PM10 concentrations in Akisaray, Istanbul: A long term study

Hassan Hersi - Impacts of Sand and Dust Storms on the Middle East

Saviz Sehatkashani (IRIMO) - 15 Years' View of Aerosol Dust over the Middle East

Mazen Malkawi (WHO) - Airborne Particulate Matter and Health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Taner Sengun (Firat Univ.) - Evaluation of the Precipitated Desert Dust Effects on the Socioeconomic Activities of the Southeastern Anatolia Region

Moutaz Al-Dabbas (Univ. Baghdad) - Sand and Dust Source Identification and the Mineralogical and Micro-organisms Effects of Regional Dust Storms - Middle Eastern Region

Ali Hamidian (Univ. Tehran) - Review of Dust Control Projects in Ahwaz, Iran and Solutions toward Sustainable Development

Ayhan Atesoglu (Bartin Univ.) - Monitoring of Irrigable Agricultural Lands in euphrates-Tigris River Basin (Syria-Iraq)











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