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AEMET Conference on atmospheric dust and its impacts (in Spanish)

by Enric Terradellas last modified Dec 05, 2017 04:49 PM

The AEMET conference on atmospheric dust and its impacts was held at the AEMET headquarters in Madrid on 22 Nov 2017. It was conducted in Spanish.



09:00 Miguel Angel Lopez (AEMET President): Opening and presentation of onjectives

09:15 Emilio Cuevas (AEMET): Introduction to the problem of atmospheric dust

09:45 Sergio Rodriguez (AEMET): Transport of Saharan mineral dust and its impact on air quality

10:15 Omaira Garcia (AEMET): Impact of mineral dust on solar radiation and climate

11:05 Carlos Perez (BSC): Modelling atmospheric mineral dust

11:35 Enric Terradellas (AEMET) The Centers for prediction and assessment of mineral dust (SDS-WAS y BDFC): Products and services

12:00 Alberto Cansado and Juan Ramon Moreta (AEMET): Aerosol observation and prediction. Information supplied by AEMET

13:00 Round table with experts on the impact of atmospheric dust on health (Julio Díaz, Carlos III Health Institute), energy (Lourdes Ramírez, CIEMAT), urban environment (Angeles Cristóbal, Madrid city council) and ocean (Jesus Arrieta, Canary Islands Oceanographic Institute).

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