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Francesca Barnaba - Quantifying the Saharan dust contribution to PM10 levels: Some proposed modifications to current European Commission Guidelines for the EC-Life + Diapason project experience in Italy

James Crooks - Dust storms and mortality in the United States

Masahiro Hashizume - Health effects of Asian dust. Systematic review and meta-analysis

Chris Foog Sheng Ng - Asian dust and daily mortality in Japan: Preliminary analysis

Elena López-Villarrubia, Carmen Iñiguez, Olga Costa & Ferran Ballester - Saharan Dust episodies and Respirapory Health in two Canarian Cities

X. Querol, A. Karanasiou, F. Amato, A. Tobias, A. Alastruey, N. Perez, C. Perez Garcia-Pando & P. Ginoux - What is "desert dust"?

X. Querol, A. Karanasiou, F. Amato, A. Tobias, A. Alastruey & N. Perez - Quantifying the contribution of desert dust episodes on PM concentrations for epidemiological analyses

Matteo Renzi - Saharan dust and health effects in Sicily

Evi Samoli - Health effects of desert dust in Athens and the Mediterranean region

Enric Terradellas & Ernest Werner - Model products to assess the health impact of airborne dust

Aurelio Tobias - International Network to Encourage the use of Monitoring and Forecasting Dust Products

Aurelio Tobias - Discussion

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