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WMO issues 2019 Airborne Dust Bulletin

by Ernest Werner last modified Jun 29, 2020 11:47 AM

Release of the 2019 WMO Airborne Dust Annual Bulletin , No. 4

WMO has issued its annual Airborne Dust Bulletin on the incidence and hazards of sand and dust storms, which have been highlighted by a massive Saharan plume which has blanketed many parts of the Caribbean.

This dust plume arrived from North Africa in the Eastern Caribbean on June 17. It has since affected a wide spatial extent of the greater Caribbean area, from the southeast Caribbean just off the northern coast of South America and as far north and west as the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

The dust storm has darkened skies, contaminated rainwater and greatly reduced visibility. It also poses a significant health hazard. African dust blows across the Atlantic every year. But this year the event is particularly intense and extensive.

“Sand and dust storms are severe hazards that can affect weather, climate, the environment, health, economies, transport and agriculture in many parts of the world,” said Dr Oksana Tarasova, Head of WMO Atmospheric Environment Research Division. The ongoing dust storm, which has affected daily life in the Caribbean, shows the importance of forecast and warning services.”

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Link to the 2019 WMO Airborne Dust Annual Bulletin

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