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Atmospheric Dust Modelling and Forecast

by Enric Terradellas last modified Oct 08, 2015 03:15 PM

We encourage everyone to present their work to the session MF07 Atmospheric Dust Modelling and Forecast that will take place during the 2nd International Conference on Atmospheric Dust (Castellaneta Marina, Italy, 12-17 Jun 2016)


The numerical prediction of dust is a huge challenge because of the complexity of the problem, which involves processes of very different scales, and the difficulty of having appropriate observation systems available for data assimilation and model evaluation. In addition, dust prediction requires a high accuracy in the atmospheric fields that most affect dust particles, such as near-surface wind speed for dust emission or cloudiness and precipitation for wet deposition. We encourage submition of papers on any aspect of atmospheric dust modeling and forecast, with special emphasis on data assimilation, physical parameterizations, high-resolution modelling, direct and indirect effects of dust on weather and climate, dust mineralogy, post-processing products, ensemble prediction, model evaluation, dust predictability and simulation of specific events. Novel and advanced approaches for dust monitoring and assessment based on the integration/combination of observations and models are also welcome.

Convened by:

  • Enric Terradellas, State Meteorological Agency of Spain, ES,
  • Sara Basart, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, ES,
  • Slobodan Nickovic, The Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, SR,
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