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Izana Atmospheric Research Center. Activity Report 2015-2016

by Enric Terradellas last modified Dec 14, 2017 07:31 PM

We are pleased to present the AEMET's Izaña Atmospheric Research Centre (IARC) Activity Report 2015-2016.

The IARC is part of the SDS-WAS Regional Centre for Northern Africa, Middle East, and Europe. It manages the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory, which celebrated its centenary on 1 January 2016. This observatory officially entered the list of WMO Centennial Stations that contribute significantly to the Global Climate Observing System and are essential for understanding climate variability and change.

The IARC manages the AERONET sites of Izana and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), Tamanrasset (Algeria), Cairo (Egypt), and Tunis (Tunisia). This unique network provides essential information near dust sources in the Sahara and is a key observational facility within the Regional Center. The IARC also is part of the This ACTRIS-2 AERONET TransNational Access (TNA), which handles a calibration service for instruments operated at current and future AERONET sites, thus, complementing the NASA calibration center based in Washington, USA.

The IARC is actively involved in the strategic planning of activities, scientific advice on aerosols and dust observation, as well as in initiatives on capacity building and training of the SDS-WAS Regional Center and its operational component (Barcelona Dust Forecast Center).


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