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Seasonal model evaluation with MODIS

by Enric Terradellas last modified Dec 03, 2014 02:53 PM

This Regional Center conducts an exercise of dust forecast evaluation using MODIS products. To date, monthly scores have been calculated. Now, seasonal scores are also computed. The evaluation is restricted to models that don't assimilate MODIS data.

You can see:

Evaluation of Saharan dust transport into the Atlantic. A MODIS aerosol product generated by the U. S. Naval Research laboratory and the University of North Dakota specifically designed for quantitative applications including data assimilation and model validation is used. Since the product does not provide any information for partitioning between dust and other aerosol species, the evaluation is restricted to an oceanic area, where it is known that mineral dust is by far the main source of atmospheric aerosol. The area, extending between 15º and 30º N and between 18º and 25º W, is the way of Saharan dust out to the Atlantic. Monthly evaluation - Seasonal evaluation

Evaluation with MODIS Deep Blue retrievals. In this case, the evaluation is performed for the whole domain. The Deep Blue retrievals included in the NASA’s Collection 5.1 Level-3 MODIS Atmosphere Daily Global Product are used. Starting December, 1, 2014, evaluation will be made using Collection 6 products. Monthly evaluation - Seasonal evaluation

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