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The PRE-TECT experiment (1-30 of April in Crete)

by Sara Basart last modified Mar 24, 2017 10:21 AM
The PRE-TECT experiment (1-30 of April in Crete)

PRE-TECT experiment will take place from 1st to 30th of April 2017 at the Greek ACTRIS atmospheric observatory of Finokalia in the northern coast of Crete.

EUFAR partnership with ACTRIS advances as access opportunities are provided to European researchers from over 30 Institutes to study in detail the aerosol composition and dynamics over Eastern Mediterranean. The core ACTRIS/EUFAR activity is concentrated over Crete with the PRE-TECT experiment (1-30 of April), aiming on desert dust microphysical characterization from remote sensing, employing advanced inversion techniques developed in the framework of ACTRIS, focusing on aerosol absorption to fulfill the objectives of the ACTRIS JRA1 activity (“Improving the accuracy of aerosol light absorption determinations”). Two TNs have been awarded by EUFAR, providing in total of 16 aircraft flight hours with DLR Falcon to evaluate the ACTRIS ground-based retrievals.

A number of atmospheric experiments will be implemented during the same period in Eastern Mediterranean, utilizing their own data and synergies with ACTRIS/EUFAR datasets in order to fulfil their objectives. In short, two ERC projects will have their first experiments over Eastern Mediterranean (A-LIFE: and D-TECT:, the GEO-CRADLE project ( will evaluate two of its thematic pilots in the area (dust forecasting and energy services) and the Copernicus CAMS Atmospheric Service will be evaluated against ACTRIS and EUFAR in-situ products from students that will run exercises in the framework of their participation in the summer school that is organized for ECARS-TWINNING project ( Moreover, an advanced Cloudnet training school is organized by TROPOS in Cyprus during the same period (

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