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SDS Science Project Technical Scoping Meeting

by Ernest Werner last modified May 15, 2019 01:22 PM

The first Sand and Dust Storm (SDS) Scoping Meeting was held at the WMO premises in Geneva on 15-16 April 2019, jointly organised by the Science Division (UNEP) and the Research Department (WMO). Find below a list of the meeting objectives and the presentations shown.

A final report with the conclusions of the meeting and the Theory of Change method applied on SDS is expected to be added in the following weeks.

Meeting Objectives:

  • To learn about current work happening across the UN and partners

  • To identify problems and objectives and develop a Theory of Change

  • To determine potential SDS project themes, outcomes and outputs

  • To outline the relative roles of UN Environment and other agencies

  • To identify potential funding, donors and partners

  • UN Environment ongoing SDS work – Nick Middleton (UNEP)

  • UN Environment, 6th Global Environm. Outlook’s Land Results – Pandi Zdruli

  • WMO SDS-WAS - Alexander Baklanov (WMO)

  • UNCCD ongoing SDS work – Utchang Kang (UNCCD)

  • WHO ongoing SDS work - Sophie Gumy (WHO)

  • ESCAP ongoing SDS work - Sanjay Srivastava (UN ESCAP)

  • UNEP-IEMP/Elion ongoing SDS work in Asia - Chao Fu (UNEP-IEMP)

  • QZSS satellite project - Koji Suzuki (Asian Disaster Reduction Center, ADRC)

  • UNEP Africa - Levis Kavagi (UNEP)

  • Burkina Faso Dust Warning Advisory System - Ernest Werner (Aemet, Spain)

  • DustClim project - Sara Basart (BSC, Spain)

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