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Aerosol Association in the Middle East - Northern Africa Region

by Enric Terradellas last modified Jan 13, 2017 10:08

The Aersol Association in the Middle East - Northern Africa Region (AAMENA) was created  in April 2014 and officially announced in November 2015 during the 1st Africa / Middle East Expert Meeting and Workshop on the Health Impact of Airborne Dust. The association has been given a great support by the WHO Regional Office in Amman, Jordan.

Establishing Board:copy_of_haboob.jpg

Prof. Najat Saliba (Co-Chair)
Prof. Tareq Hussein (Co-Chair)
Dr. Jihad Alsawair
Dr. Turki Habeebullah
Eng. Mazen Malkawi
Dr. Alan Shihadeh
Prof. Hans-Christen Hansson (Affiliate member)
Prof. James Schauer (Affiliate member)
Dr. Jean Sciare (Executive member)


The membership is open to individuals of all job functions, industries and levels of experience who are interested in the aerosol science in the Middle East and the Northern African (MENA) region. To become a member kindly send an email with the contact details to the co-chairs Tareq Hussein ( and and Najat Saliba ( with the term “AAMENA membership” in the subject field.


  • Promote research related to aerosol science in the MENA region
  • Raise awareness about air pollution in the MENA region
  • Act as a scientific body to support policy makers
  • Encourage research collaboration among the MENA states
  • Create a platform of scientific exchange to promote research collaboration among the MENA states and institutions outside the MENA region
  • Bridge a link between researchers and international environmental agencies such as WHO, WMO, etc.

Short-term activities:

A symposium to be held in the first quarter of 2017; the theme of the symposium is to be related to one of the major problems of air pollution in the MENA region

Long-term activities

  • Build capacity to recruit researchers in the MENA region
  • Bring expertise together for a joint research proposal
  • Award outstanding initiatives



Atmospheric Processes in the Mediterranean (APM2016). A joint ACTRIS - BACCHUS - ChArMEx International workshop To be held under the auspices of the Future Earth MENA Regional Center and with participation of the iLEAPS Future Earth core project

Workshop website:

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